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Post  liitleblackdress on Fri Aug 12, 2016 5:33 pm

Title: 10 Must-Try Winx Activities.
Subject: Summer has arived! School break, warm weather, refreshing drinks and relaxing pools and beaches.
Many people plan everything before summer but when it finally comes they end up doing the same things. We are here to help you making your summer a little different with 10 activities you must try!

1. Log off the internet and go have fun with your real life friends.

These days everyone spends time on the Internet and unfortunaly it’s really easy for them to “Forget” the world outside. Why don’t you take some time this summer to turn off your phone and computer and go catch up with your friends and family? Go out with them and enjoy the beautiful nature, try something you guys never did before. Trust me, your brain will thank you later.

2. Start a garden.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful garden full of flowers?
A lot of people plant things and maybe you should try that too. You can discover what do you like to grow the most: Flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. It’s really fun and therapeutic!
By the end of the season, you can even pick what you’ve been trying to grow and use it for whatever you want: Food, indoor decoration, etc. You have nothing to lose!

3. Read more.

I know that this probably will sound kind of boring and you’ll be like “Ew, books” but you really should try to read more books. Try to find your favourite kind of book, there are so many of them; Fantasy like Harry Potter, adventure like The Hunger Games, romance like The Fault in Our Stars… You could even sit down on your garden and take some pictures of or with your books (I’m really smart by using the second activity on this one, aren’t I?)!
Maybe at first you won’t like it but trust me, books are really involving, maybe even more than movies!

4. Go on a picnic.

I’m sure you’re probably thinking that this is too old-fashioned and it maybe is, but it’s still really funny to do! Make some delicious food and put it on a basket, invite some friends, find a cool grassy place somewhere and have a nice meal. But be careful with the ant hills, alright? It’s supposed to be a good memory.

5. Go hiking or camping.

As I said above, we’ve got such a beautiful nature out there and it must be enjoyed. Grab that old tent and a sleeping bag, choose a place out in the middle of nowhere and have some fun. You’re going to be away from all of that city polution, away from the Internet and you can do many funny stuff like reading books and talking to your friends if they go with you! You can even take some time to do exercise, it’s always great.

6. Visit the zoo.

If you don’t love animals, we cannot be friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, a teenager or an adult, going to the zoo can be a really good idea. You’re able to see amazing animals and you can even learn more about them. It’s an entire day full of activities and it’s not that expensive!

7. Watch a sunset from a cool spot.

It’s really easy to find locations where you can watch those awesome sunsets. If you live by the beach you’re able to watch it happen over water; If you have hills near your house it’s probably easy to climb them and watch it over your town. Come on, guys, sunsets are SO gorgeous, they are probably the most popular phone and computer backgrounds. Even if you saw them in those Tumblr pictures, it’s nothing compared to the feeling of watching it on real life. Also, you can even take some photos by yourself and post them!

8. Go to a concert.

Summer is probably the best time to go to an outdoor concert or festival. There are several artists who tour during summer so if you live in a large city it’s not hard to do this activity. Plus, on festivals you can watch many artists instead of only one! Isn’t that great?!
Outdoor shows have way more freedom that the indoor ones and there’s nothing compared to the feeling of siting in the grass with your favourite drink and your best friends while you all listen to songs you enjoy.

9. Practice some summer sports.

Maybe you find the winter sports way funnier to watch, but believe me: Summer sports are the best ones to play. Take some friends with you and play some games. Tennis and football are really good if you have a few people, for example. Badminton, surf, horse riding and voleyball are also fun. It’s a great way to exercise and you have fun at the same time!

10. Attend to a bonfire.

There’s no doubt that bonfires are really cool. Find yourself a friend with a house on the middle of nowhere and build a fire that Tumblr people would be jealous of. Take your best friends with you and cal that one friend that has got a cool acoustic guitar. Play some hits while you all sing along. Humans have always bonded over fire, why not be a part of that proud tradition?


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Post  harpa on Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:22 pm

Perfect! *-* Like a Star @ heaven

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